Karl Marx appealing to the youthAccording to entrepreneur, real estate investor, and macro economics enthusiast, George Gammon, Western nations are facing the unabating rise of Marxism. Our youth, taught the virtues of socialism in left-leaning schools and universities, are now coming of age – at the exact same time that central bank policies have pushed housing prices and the cost of living to disproportionate levels as compared to starting level wages and salaries. Feeling dismayed, these disenfranchised Millennials and Gen Zs are embracing progressive movements, Marxist beliefs, and lashing out against the perceived injustice. It’s a movement that, in George Gammon’s eyes, will be tumultuous at best. He believes that after years of indoctrination in our schools, we should expect a lot of cognitive dissonance and entrenched beliefs, not only at the individual level, but at the group and country level as well. Already we are seeing increased riots, looting, and social unrest, as the far left exerts its muscle, coercing individuals and corporations to conform to its Marxist narrative. Cancel culture is running amok, diminishing freedom of speech. “Eventually they’ll change the name of everything,” says George, “because they believe Western culture is rooted in things that are evil.” The insanity will just continue to grow, as our personal liberty and freedom of speech continues to shrink, and as the private sector is eroded through increased taxes and overregulation.

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George Gammon – entrepreneur, real estate investor, and YouTube personality known widely in the financial investment world for his informative whiteboard videos on macro economics. George is also the publisher of Rebel Capitalist Pro, an investment newsletter and private investor community.

Youth Embracing Marxism

Youth support for Bernie Sanders, the first openly socialist candidate running for a major party in the American presidential race, gives evidence to the growing acceptance of Marxism in the United States. And George Gammon believes its only the beginning. “You simply have to go back 10 to 15 years and look at what was being taught in universities. That’s what society will look like today. And it’s Marxism. It’s just that simple.” And going forward? No doubt we’ll witness an even more radical social political doctrine. Because today, on campuses across the US, its OK to stamp out views and opinions you don’t agree with. Cancel culture and censorship is widely accepted. What’s being taught in universities currently, is what we should expect in the future. This means a society where the virtues of economic freedom and personal liberty are disregarded. Where restrictions on individual freedoms, government regulation, and the promises of guaranteed income and social welfare are far more attractive.

So is the resurrection Marxism isolated to the United States? Not really. It extends across a broad spectrum of countries including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Western Europe. And while it still hasn’t garnered the kind of headline news elsewhere, like in the US, that’s about to change. By 2024, in most Western nations, millennials will be the biggest voting bloc, paving the way for radical political movements influenced by Marxist ideology. We’re really just in the early stages of what some refer to as the Fourth Turning, a period characterized by volatility and discontent, and a move towards populism and authoritarian rule.

“Socially Responsible Capitalism” (aka Marxism)

the return of communismGeorge Gammon doesn’t think we’ll have a revolution like in the early 20th century. They won’t openly say “OK, we want communism. We want the government to take over the means of production.” Instead they’ll simply say, “oh, we don’t like capitalism. It doesn’t work anymore. We need friendly capitalism,” or “we need socially responsible capitalism.” They’ll just use different words, but the net result is going to be the same. Because even if private ownership survives, it’ll just be a façade. Yes, private ownership may still exist, but taxes and regulations are going to be so high – so burdensome – that the entrepreneurs will no longer be in control of their own businesses. Although property and capital will technically be owned by the private sector, businesses will lose both the ability and the incentive to allocate resources efficiently, like they would in a free enterprise economy. Once the state socializes the profits through higher taxes and regulates everything to death, then it’ll be the government calling the shots. Just like traditional communism, the state will be picking the winners and losers, and how precious resources are redistributed, not the free market.

Who’s Safe From The Clutches Of Marxism?

Who is safe from the expansive new socialist agenda? So far progressive politicians have targeted the wallets and personal liberties of small business and the middle class, while big corporations have diverted attention (using their political power and progressive “street cred” – earned by supporting politically correct positions on cultural or environmental issues). But increasingly, the far left is looking at the biggest piles of cash, which reside in the bank accounts of big business. In the past, their money and increasing control of media, were sufficient to deflect the wrath of the radicalized progressives. However, with millennials set to become the biggest voting bloc by the middle of the decade, even they won’t be safe from the Marxist mob for much longer.

How To Preserve Capital And Personal Freedom, Despite The Rise Of Marxism

So if you’re an “evil” capitalist (an investor, an entrepreneur, or someone who’s simply looking preserve your personal freedom), what do you do? Where do you go? As George Gammon points out, in order to shelter yourself from the West’s decent towards Marxism, and in order to safeguard your individual liberty, it may be time to look towards emerging markets. Although they are starting from a lower level, and still struggle with socio-economic issues, at least they are trending in the right direction.

emerging markets capitalismAnyone who has visited developing nations in Asia, Africa, or Latin America, will attest to the buzz of entrepreneurialism and free enterprise on the streets. Deficiencies in the public sector and a sort of organized chaos, seem to stoke the fires of free market capitalism. Its refreshing. Likewise in East European nations, where memories of Marxism are still fresh in people’s minds, there is a high level of suspicion and resistance about returning down that road so soon. Many who watch the news coming out of the West are puzzled, even dumbfounded, as to why Westerners are so easily persuaded to follow such a destructive ideology.

But does this mean investing in companies operating in the developing world, or in emerging market funds? Kind of sort of, but not really. Problem is, if you’re still a resident of a Western nation (or even just a citizen), taxes and wealth extraction will very likely eat up any of the profits that you make. If you really want to escape the clutches of the “Marxist mob”, it may be time to seriously consider a permanent residency abroad or even a second passport. In essence, you need to create a Plan B – an insurance policy – for a time when personal and economic freedoms cease to exist in the West. As Andrew Henderson at Nomad Capitalist likes to say, “you need to internationalize your life, so no single government owns you.”

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