Technological change is accelerating at a pace that is difficult to comprehend. Not only are cutting-edge technologies evolving at an exponential rate, but a powerful convergence of disruptive tech trends is amplifying this rate of change. During the next 10 years, according to Steven Kotler (co-author of The Future Is Faster Than You Think), we’re going to see more change than we’ve experienced in the last 100 years. We’re literally going to reinvent every industry on the planet.

So if you recognize the exponential growth behind disruptive technologies, as well as the convergence and interrelation between technological innovations, you’ll be more adept at spotting exciting business, investing and employment opportunities. You’ll be able to participate and profit as an early adopter. Plus, you’ll be able to avoid the “black holes” in financial markets, since there are likely to be a lot of legacy companies, and entire industries, left behind by the sheer rate of change.

So what are key disruptive tech trends to keep an eye on?