Gerald Celente, publisher of the Trends Journal, believes that enrollment at colleges and universities has already begun a long-term decline. Exacerbated by the COVID-19 crisis, he believes that communities that once relied excessively on income generated from college students, are going to be the proverbial “rust belt cities” of the 21st century.

He maintains that colleges are clearly already concerned. Schools across the United States have begun waiving test requirements for the 2020 fall semester. This will become even more evident into 2021 as colleges and universities continue easing entrance policies in an effort to entice students back. The problem is, students won’t be going back in the numbers we’re accustomed to.

Gerald Celente maintains that the current system, one dating back to the Prussians at the beginning of the industrial age, is antiquated, leads to an educational gap, and doesn’t serve students in the 21st century. Learning in the classroom is on a downward trajectory, while the trend towards online and virtual learning is only getting started.

According to Gerald Celente, online learning is the new future. The opportunity to profit from online education and virtual classrooms, is enormous.

So where does one look to profit from this mega trend in education? We believe you can profit from this trend in three different ways.

Upgrade Your Skills With Online Learning

You need to develop a mindset of perpetual learning. Education doesn’t end when you get your high school diploma or university degree. On the contrary, another trend – one of a growing gig economy with fewer wage and salaried employees and more freelancers – has amplified the need for continuous learning. Those who don’t stay relevant within a competitive global labour market, will find themselves quickly left behind. Want to stay ahead of the curve and take your business and/or career to new heights? Then check out these innovative companies and organizations that are leading the way in online education.

Make Money Teaching An Online Course

The exact same online education resources that allow you to continually upgrade your skill set, also allow you to teach your know-how to others. Everyone, after all, is an expert in something. Teaching helps you ingrain your knowledge, and is an excellent opportunity to increase earnings via a side hustle or full-time profession.

Invest In Online Education

Finally, there are some publicly traded companies taking advantage of this trend in online education. We have identified 7 investment ideas connected to this trend…

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